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The consultancy company for your architectural, IT and design projects.


iConsult Ltd.


Here is what we are really good at:

  • Concept Design Development of new product and service ideas for your existing or startup brand.
  • Project specification Tracing the details of your new concept in a precise and documented way allowing you to plan and forecast better.
  • Design direction Behind every great design and idea there is a principle. We are here for you to make sure it is followed all the way to the market.

Ideas & Insights

Our perspective on innovation and other things

Our clients & Partners

Companies that we have worked with over the last decade.


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  • 30 Successful projects Our team has helped more than 30 Bulgarian and international clients plan and execute their business idea.
  • 6 Countries with clients We have dealt with clients from 6 different countries accross Europe
  • 1200 Pages of project documentation Through the years we have advised and composed a considerable volume of project specifications, allowing our clients to streamline their development process.
  • 45 Developers & Designers We are there to also connect each client with the right team. Our network of design, architecture and IT professionals spans multiple countries, languages and regions.

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Hipodruma 143, A 11 Sofia, 1680 Bulgaria